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“In all my years of business, I have never come across something of this magnitude, which is so easy to implement and has such a dramatic impact on our family finances.” 

        –Paul DeFoggi


Internet Shopping for a Cause

DeFoggi has discovered a value-added fundraising opportunity for churches and other nonprofit organizations. Through Internet shopping for everyday products, your organization will receive 30% of the profit for each product sold.

By asking your members or clients to shop on your customized auction site, your favorite ministries can benefit. The virtual mall has nearly 900 of the most popular stores and restaurants.

“It is a surefire way for nonprofits to raise money,” says Paul DeFoggi, president of DeFoggi Development & Construction. “The versatility and growth potential is mind boggling.” The work is done for you, there is no set up or training involved.

To see how it works, visit DeFoggi’s shopping web portal www.compassionministries.biz.

Contact Paul DeFoggi for more details on how Internet Shopping for a Cause can benefit your organization.