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“Our ‘building experience’ was exceptional because of Paul’s complete commitment to his responsibility to oversee the project and his knowledge and insight of those he hired, as well as his ability to work with and guide them. He was available with a phone call for all of our questions and considerations.”

–Christopher Meyer


Our name may be unusual, but so is our turnkey process. Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional, or if your project ranges from renovation to a custom home to a place of worship, DeFoggi is a trusted partner.

Building is our business; teamwork is at our core. DeFoggi coordinates the entire process, from estimating to delivery, handling every detail of construction. Many clients are overwhelmed with the sheer number of details involved, so DeFoggi prefers to be involved at a planning stage. We design and build to a price, not price to a design—we prefer to control costs to stay within budget. With accurate scheduling, we can expedite the timeline and have your project completed sooner. DeFoggi assumes total responsibility for your project, streamlining the coordination among tradesmen, and we focus on exceeding expectations.